About us

The Hill Top Community Traffic Group is a group of concerned residents who are NOT opposed to traffic control and reduction, but are worried that the proposed plan hasn’t been properly thought through. 

We came together after DRARA’s Autumn Newsletter and two meetings in December run by DRARA, because we felt affected residents had not had enough input into the development of the proposed LTN scheme put to the County Council. 

We arranged a survey of Hill Top Road residents that generated 60 responses: 90% supported the goal of reducing traffic but only 6% supported the scheme submitted by DRARA to the County Council (“Option 1”- bollards at the top of Divinity Road). While 74% said they might support an alternative, some 45% said they would support bollards placed lower down the hills. 

We have no wish to cause ill feeling or fall out with our neighbours. We recognise the hard work undertaken by DRARA to try to address the serious issues with traffic in our area and initiate change. We support the aim of reducing the volume and speed of traffic in all parts of our neighbourhood and the wider goal of reducing emissions. 

We feel our concerns are not confined to those living on Hill Top Road and we want to communicate to our neighbours on other streets our belief that a better designed LTN can work for all of us and that it is not too late to change the design.


The Hill Top Community Traffic Working Group

Claire Boynes, Neale Fitzgerald, Stephen Green, Sarah Hayes, Paul Kelso, Rebecca Miles, Graeme Salmon, Andrew Wilkinson