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We had a fantastic and heartening response to our first newsletter. We wanted to start a conversation about a better LTN, and it seems we have. The responses were overwhelmingly - but not exclusively - in support of Option 2. This is what some of you told us. Keep the messages, for and against, coming to

“Thank you for the leaflet through the door, I’m pleased to learn I’m not the only one in favour of placing the bollards halfway down Divinity Road!” Jason Clark, Divinity Road

"We live on Minster Road and support Option 2. It still stops rat-run traffic but

residents will be able to enter and exit from both ends of the community, instead of

driving all residential traffic down to the Cowley Road." Guy Phillipson, Minster Road

“I thought I was the only one who felt like this… I welcome your active response to the DRARA proposals, whilst recognising all the hard work put in by the DRARA Traffic Team” Joanna Steele, Southfield Road

“The newsletter delivered tonight is absolutely fantastic, I could have written every word as I agree with every word.” Rosie Pocock, Hill Top Road


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