The Hills Newsletter No2: progress to report

We wrote to you two weeks ago to share our concerns about the proposal to create a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) by installing bollards at the top of Divinity Road and on Stone Street. Much has happened since then so we wanted to update you on progress.

That first newsletter had several aims: to introduce ourselves; to raise concerns about the Option 1 proposal; to spell out why Option 2 (placing bollards on Southfield & Divinity Roads between Warneford & Minster Roads), is preferable; and to contribute to an open and transparent process, which has so far been sadly lacking.

We called it ‘Can We Talk About a Better LTN?’. The good news is that now we are! We have received support from across the Divinity Road neighbourhood, from the bottom of Bartelmas to the top of Southfield. To those who have been in touch, both for and against our arguments, thank you.

There has also been practical progress. In a letter on February 22 the County Council official responsible for the project confirmed to us that both options are now being considered. This is very significant. You can read the correspondence here. Until we raised our concerns less than a month ago only Option 1 was on the table, having been chosen from two viable options by a small group associated with DRARA without a professional recommendation or the benefit of any research or modelling.

DRARA has also now acknowledged that there are two options and has included them both in the survey it launched this weekend. You may recall that in a six-page LTN leaflet distributed just three weeks ago DRARA made no mention of Option 2 at all. We welcome this progress and urge you to complete the DRARA survey, either online at or using a paper copy, by the March 9 deadline.

Contact your Councillors: Yvonne Constance, Cabinet member for the Environment (includingTransport) Jamila Azad Tom Hayes Thanks again for engaging and responding, both for and against. No matter whether you want Option 1, Option 2, or no LTN at all, we will get a more sustainable solution from an open and transparent conversation.

Hill Top Community Traffic Working Group, 2 March 2021

Claire Boyns, Neale Fitzgerald, Stephen Green, Sarah Hayes, Paul Kelso, Rebecca Miles, Graeme Salmon, Andrew Wilkinson.

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