Survey reveals clear preference for 'Option B'

A survey of residents of the Divinity Road neighbourhood has expressed a clear preference to place bollards at the mid-point of Divinity Road & Southfield Road as part of a trial LTN scheme.

The poll revealed widespread support for an experimental LTN to stop through traffic from Warneford Lane to the Cowley Road, with bollards at the mid-point of the hill the overwhelming choice of residents.

The survey was carried out by the Divinity Road Area Residents Association (DRARA), which asked residents if they would back an LTN, and if so whether they supported ‘Option A’ - placing bollards at the top of Divinity Road & Stone Street - or ‘Option B’ - placing the bollards at the mid-point.

Almost half of those surveyed, 49%, backed Option B, compared to 37% who favoured Option A. In addition almost a third of the community, 30%, said they opposed Option A, while just 16% said they would oppose Option B.

The results represent a clear and decisive mandate for Oxfordshire County Council to prioritise the mid-point option in its analysis of the options for the Divinity Road area LTN.

DRARA submitted an application for an LTN to OCC proposing bollards at the top of Divinity Road & Stone Street. Following concerns raised by residents across the whole community with reservations about the plan DRARA agreed to include the second option in its survey, and it received resounding support from the community.

The Hill Top Community Traffic Group (HTCTG) was among those raising concerns and support for Option B. It argued that the mid-point solution is both the most practical, the fairest for the whole community and the most environmentally sound solution.

OCC is currently considering the LTN and Council officials have told HTCTG both Options will be considered.

We are grateful to DRARA for carrying out this survey and delighted that having been given the opportunity to consider Option B, the community has given it such enthusiastic support.

While the support for Option B and significant opposition to Option A is clear and unarguable, the survey also confirms that there are strong and sincerely held views on either side of the debate.

It is therefore crucial that OCC carries out a transparent, evidence-based process focused on traffic, environmental outcomes and the needs of different members of the community.


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