Hill Top Road Residents Survey

Read the full report of our survey of Hill Top Road residents here.

Between 21 January and 5 February 2021, residents of Hill Top Road were invited to complete a quick survey, in order to establish awareness of the proposed LTN, the extent to which residents had been involved or consulted in the process, their views and preferences for an LTN, and the option prioritised by DRARA for the positioning of fixed bollards.

It was concerning many residents that DRARA was not demonstrating any willingness to engage with, listen to or consider different views from residents than those of their small traffic-group. Indeed, its members seemed to be highly dismissive of any questions or concerns raised by fellow residents, to the extent that several felt intimidated.

The results of the survey are given here in the attached report.

Report of the HTR Community LTN Survey 2
Download • 2.06MB


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